Win $5,000 a Week for Life With New York Lottery Scratch-Off Games

Winning 1,000 a week for the rest of your life sounds fantastic, but did you know there are other lotteries out there that will award you even bigger prizes, where you can win 5.000 a week for life or even 1,000,000 a year for life. All these prizes are offered by the New York Lottery, one of the oldest state-run lotteries, through its instant scratch card games. You do not need to wait for the draw; you will know immediately if you’ve won, even before you’ve left the store where you bought the ticket.

If you want to win 5,000 a week for life, you can try your luck with the Set for Life scratch-off game, which sells for ten dollars a ticket. To play, scratch off the upper section to reveal the 6 winning numbers; then scratch off the lower section to reveal your fifteen numbers. If any of your numbers matches the winning numbers, you win the prize shown. You can win up to 15 times. If you reveal a coin symbol, you win the prize shown automatically. If you reveal a star symbol, you win 10 times the prize shown. And if you reveal the “Life” symbol then you win the grand prize of 5,000 a week for the rest of your life. Apart from the grand prize, you can win minor prizes ranging from ten dollars to 50,000. If you are feeling even luckier, you can try for 10,000 a week for life with the Win for Life Spectacular, which retails for twenty dollars a ticket. Game mechanics are similar to the Set for Life game although the minor prizes are larger, ranging from twenty dollars to 100,000.

Let us go on with this post. Or if you would like to win bigger amounts but over a shorter period of time, you can try the 500,000,000 Extravaganza, which retails for twenty dollars a ticket. There will be eight winners of the 5,000.000 grand prize, which pays out 250,000 a year for twenty years, twelve winners of the 2,000,000 prizes which pays 100,000 a year for twenty years and eigthy-four winners of the 1,000,000 prize, which pays 50,000 a year for twenty years. There are also minor prizes ranging from twenty dollars to 5,000. All you need to win is to match any of your 15 numbers with the 10 winning numbers; a coin symbol means an automatic win while a star symbol means you win ten times the prize amount shown.

Definitely, the biggest payoff of all is offered by the Win 1,000,000 a Year for Life scratch-off card, which retails for thirty dollars but which guarantees you one million a year for the rest of your life if you reveal the Life symbol on your scratch card. Minor prizes range from thirty dollars to 50,000.

To protect your winnings, instantly sign the back of your winning ticket to ensure that nobody else can claim your prize in case you lose your ticket. If you win the jackpot prize, you can claim it at a Customer Service Center or mail the ticket with a completed claim form to the New York Lottery office at Schenectady. You can only claim prizes one year from the winning draw date, after which they expire.

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Odds for scratch off lottery? If a 2$ scratch off ticket has the odds of one in 4.71 does this mean one in every four tickets is a winner?


How much money did you invest in playing the scratch off lottery? For those of you who are experienced in winning the jackpot in scratch offs HOW much money did you invest? I’m personally going to invest fifty to one hundred dollars in the scratch off because I know from experience that it’s very hard to win.


Lotto scratch offs southern indiana three dollars wild cherry crossword. Likely that you filled it out wrong, or misread it in some way… And you got the ten dollars you should have. I do not know why they do not let you see the ticket


I watched a girl scratch off a whole brand new shrink wrapped package of 250 tickets and only won fifty dollars total. What a bummer, don't waste your money.


Scratches are independent of each other, so… P(winning x out of eight times) = P(win)^x * P(lose)^(8 – x) P(winning x out of eight times) = (0.02)^x * (1 – 0.02)^(8 – x) P(winning x out of eight times) = (0.02)^x * (0.98)^(8 – x) You want to win at least once, so you want: P(win at least once) = one – P(never win) = one – [ (0.02)^0 * (0.98)^8 ] = one – 0.8507630225817856 = 0.1492369774182144 = almost 15%


This is an easy one. There is a very simple formula you can use to let you know how much you should “invest”. Take whatever dollar amount you want to lose, and DOUBLE that amount. That's how much you should spend on lottery tickets. So let's say you want to lose 1,000. Go out and buy 2,000 worth of scratch tickets. Scratch yourself silly! It'll be LOTS of fun, I promise! Out of 2,000 worth of scratch tickets, ON AVERAGE you’ll find about 1,000 worth of “winners”. If you’re a lucky person, perhaps you'll find 1,200 worth of winners. If you're not so lucky, maybe you'll only get around eight hundred dollars or 900. Again – on average, 2,000 worth of scratch tickets will equal about 1,000 worth of winners. That's what you can expect from scratch tickets. In the long run, you’ll “win” back about 50% of what you spend. At a 50% payback rate, this EASILY makes these tickets the WORST bet on the planet. By the way – to use the word “invest” in reference to lottery tickets is ludicrous.

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