Take This Quiz to See Why Some People Get All the Luck in Lotto : How to Win the Lottery

Do you have the hidden abilities needed to win lotto? Have you got the talent to pick the top lottery winning number?

If you want to know what your chances of winning lottery games can be, I have identified several little-known ways that reveal why some people get all the luck, and others get none. I’ve devised a simple and quick quiz that will tell you:

Whether you have the desire to win. Whether you have the skills to win. If you can beat the odds and win.

It’ll tell you a lot about yourself as well is improving your lottery strategy. Let’s go!

Q1: How often do you visit your local lotto shop to play?

A. Once a month

B. Once a week

C. Twice a week

D. Only occasionally

Q2: How much do you spend each game?

A. Up to five dollars

B. Over twenty dollars

C. My whole housekeeping budget

Q3: How many tickets do you play in each game?

A. Up to ten

B. 10-50

C. Over fifty

Q4: Do you believe you are lucky?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Sometimes

C. Never

Q5: Do you have a plan for winning lotto?

A. Yes

B. I’ve a vague idea

C. No plan, I am just waiting till it happens to me

Q6: Do you often have a hunch that the next game will be yours?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I have never thought about it

Done that? OK, check these answers against yours.

Q1: Good luck is measured by frequency. That means the more you do something, the greater success you’ll have with it. That means playing lotto often. Imagine trying to throw and hit a stake in the ground with a horseshoe (Silver Lotto System owners will know what I am talking about here!)

This is often significant section of this specific issue. If you have only one horseshoe and you miss, your chances are gone forever. Furthermore, if you have fifty horseshoes, just imagine how many times increase in ‘luck’ you would have each time you threw. Yes, a lot! The more you play, the more you hit. So the correct answer is (c). Playing twice a week works best. But before you try and reach that frequency in your play periods, keep reading to find the right balance in a winning lottery system.

Win Lottery System Revealed – Terry Fisher’s Winning Lotto! – YouTube

Q2: The amount you spend also plays a big part. Let’s say you are playing poker with your buddies for pennies. After an exhausting five hour marathon, you’ve won the kitty – and it is 350 pennies. You got it just by betting a few pennies per game like everyone else. OK, that is a measly 3.50 you got paid for your skills and time. Last but not least, if that were 350,000.00 – would not the game be more worth it?

So raise your stakes and improve your win. Do not bet with pennies. The answer is if you play over twenty dollars per game as in (b), you will get vastly better odds and results. But do not blow your spending money – it’sn’t worth the stress.

Q3: Remember, again–the more you play, the better the pay! The more lines you use in each lotto game, the more improved your odds. After reading the past 2 answers, it makes sense does not it? Over fifty lines (c) is the best answer for everyone.

Q4: Luck can be learned. And luck can be increased. Luck is actually nothing more than “doing more of everything.” Want to increase your chances of finding a car number plate with “7″ in the number?

- Unlucky: Stand at a deserted side road where only one car a day passes you.

- Less unlucky: drive in a car on the motorway and watch the cars that pass you.

- Very lucky: Stand at the side of the motorway at peak hour and watch every car that passes.

Can you see how frequency equals luck in winning? It does not matter what your answer is… Do more of everything.

Q5: A plan (a) is essential, no question. If you do not have one, it is like driving blindly down every road until you find the route that takes you to your destination. Example: I’ve a GPS navigation system for my cars. I type in the street number in any country I visit, and it takes me efficiently right to the door without missing a beat. It’s my own goal-getter that never fails, because it knows what I want–I typed it in!

For years I used guesswork, a hard-to-read map and I occasionally asked strangers to find out where to go. Even then I usually failed. Without a certain pathway to get you there, you will always be lost–or else take a long time to get where you want to go.

Q6: Business people work on hunches a lot. And many of them are successful because they build upon years of experience to make their decisions correctly. But in lotto, there’s no such way. Hunches are useless.

You might have twenty years of experience in selecting numbers and still not get a win. You need something that bypasses hunches and intuition, and gets down to the nitty-gritty facts. Answer (c) is correct.

How did you do in that quiz? Learn how to win the lottery with Ken Silver’s 1-minute, triple guaranteed Silver Lotto System. Thousands of winners since 1991. Join his top 3-Step affiliate program.



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If I won the first thing I would do is put some money towards a business so I can keep making money, I don't want to win all that money and go broke again.

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