Scratch Off Lotto Ticket Tips, How to Win Lottery Scratch Cards

If you want to know how to win at lottery scratch cards, then read this article. It’ll give you some tips that the average lottery player doesn’t know about how to win scratch off tickets.

If you want to play the scratch card tickets more successfully, then stop playing like everyone else. Everyone else just buys any scratch off ticket randomly.

Buying tickets randomly is a dumb strategy. Do not play any scratch off ticket randomly. Instead, ask these two questions to be able to pick the right scratchers ticket that will most likely hit.

This may easily be really important section of this article. 1. Ask to see the odds of the scratch card ticket. At the back of each scratch lottery card, it shows the exact odds of winning for that game. If the odds are good, then stick with that game. If the odds are difficult, then forget that game.

2. Ask if there were any big winners or not. If there were any big winners, then you want to avoid that game. If there wasn’t any big winners, then you want to choose that game. This is because there are only a limited amount of winners in a scratch lottery card roll.

Ask these two questions and you’ll know how to pick a better scratcher lottery ticket that’s more likely to win than other scratch off tickets.

Again, don’t tell this secret to anybody else because you do not want other scratch card players to know about this secret. Keep it to yourself and win scratch off lottery tickets more often.

If you want to win lottery scratch cards, then check out a USA lottery retailer’s insider tips at



Looking for a different way to gift scratch off lottery tickets? For Christmas every year I give my cousin a few scratch off lottery tickets. Last year I attached them to a small fake Christmas tree like ornaments just a different way to give them to her. I’m trying to figure out what to do this year. Any suggestions?


Joan Ginther: Texas Lottery Winner for Fourth Time – ABC News. Last week, Ginther won over one dollars million in the Texas lottery for the fourth time. She won the top prize of ten dollars million on a fifty dollars scratch-off lottery


How to use this scratch off lottery ticket? I received an Ohio Lottery one dollars summer daze scratch off ticket today as a gift, and now I'm confused as to how to do it. It has a winning number square that needs to be scratched, and then 5 prize squares to scratch. It says that if any of the numbers match, or I reveal a sun symbol, I win. Does this mean I only pick 3 areas to scratch or do I scratch it all off?


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You scratch everything off. If any of your prize squares match the winning number, you win the prize shown. Just read the directions.


Unearth The Truth About Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. The Texas Lottery first opened its doors in the first part of 90′s. Since then it has developed and become a daily routine for many people.


Scratch it all off. The instructions on the back are pretty self-explanatory but if you’re having trouble, just look for the 2D bar code which looks like a checkerboard pattern and scan that at the self scan station at the store to find out if it won. The one dollars tickets pay back about 0.60 on the dollar and the twenty dollars scratchoff tickets pay back about 0.72 on the dollar. The draw lotteries with the huge jackpots pay back about 0.35 on the dollar. The lottery commissions always plan their games such that overall they only pay back 0.50 on the dollar. Mathematically, all the lotteries are losing propositions but you'll get a few more of the small prizes with scratch offs over the draw lotteries.


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