Past Lottery Winning Numbers Analysis :: How to Analyze Numbers For the Lottery

If you want to play lotto and know how analyze numbers for lottery, then read this article. It’ll teach you how to analyze past lottery winning numbers so that you can make new ones.

In lottery, you’ll be dealing with a lot of number combinations. This is the reason why lottery is a game that provides the least odds of winning, but when you win, it can be life-changing. Despite its slim chances of winning, a lot of people will still opt to play here because of the big jackpot prizes.

The next beneficial detail regarding this subject matter. Choosing the best combinations can be hard. But, there are some people who have found a way on how to create winning combinations. Some of the methods that you can use are formulating a winning combinations through birth dates, anniversaries, and other significant dates in their lives. This is because they believe that these numbers will make them very lucky and will make them win. Some would check their horoscopes regularly to see if they’ve an updated lucky numbers for the week or month. And then, they’ll tend to create a combination out of the lucky numbers suggested in those online horoscopes and they’ll use it to place a bet in lottery.

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Another good way of choosing numbers for lottery is to gather all the combinations that came out in previous draws. What they’re going to do is analyze the numbers and observe their patterns. Here are some points that you need to remember when you analyze the past lottery winning numbers.

Gather all the winning combinations within the past thirty days. Then, segregate the hot and from the cold numbers. When you say hot numbers, these are the ones that are frequently coming out. The cold ones are those that rarely comes out in draws. You should make a new combination from the hot ones because you have better chances here since these are always coming out. You can also make combinations from the cold one because these have high chances of coming out soon. Whichever method you prefer to use, these are both very effective.

What is not advisable is to make a combination from the mild numbers. These numbers are neither hot or cold. We can say that these are neutral. These aren’t good numbers to form a combination from because these have the least chances of being a hot or cold number. You can even mix the hot and the cold numbers for lottery if you think that’s lucky for you.

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Is it better o pick a quick pick when buying a lottery or pick numbers yourself? My frined says most of people who won the lottery used QP. I think that it’s better topick numbers yourself because then you have no one to blame but yourself if you loose.


LOTTO – National Lottery. Lotto. Wednesday, June twenty-nine 2011, Latest Results: Provisional. Winning Numbers Div two (Five Correct Numbers Bonus Ball)


Either way, one thing is sure: you're gonna lose.




It’s the same odds either way. Every combination is number has exactly the ame odds of winning as every other set of numbers. They released some statistics a year or so ago that said that ninety-three percent of all lottery winning numbers were thru quick pick. Sounds interesting until you look at the rest of it and find that ninety-three percent of all lottery plays are done using quick pick. So if you have some favorite numbers go ahead and play them. Your odds are just as good an anyone elses.

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