How to Win $5,000 a Week For Life

How would you feel if you knew a way to receive and Win 5,000 A Week For Life? That would be like getting a total of 20 thousand dollars each month. Just think of the things you can do with all that money which will never end as long as you live; think about getting financial freedom as you can get to pay off all your debts, you can also take your entire family on trips you have only once dreamed of. Just think of the great life and future you can give your family. What would you do with roughly 240,000.00 each year? Now, what if all this is actually true? It’s and this is no Joke.

The PCHS or the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes has been around since 1967 and has been said to have awarded over 2 hundred and 7 million dollars ever since and still going. The popularity of this sweepstakes have been known for over the last three 4 decades and millions of people have joined wishing for that one time of luck in exchange for a worry free lifetime. People who have fortunately won this sweepstakes have been broadcast in magazines, TV and in other ads.

Another insightful detail in regard to this matter. Joining the PCH Sweepstakes for a chance to Win 5,000 A Week For Life is rather easy. One must simply read and understand the rules as well as the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes and carefully and accurately fill out the entry form, safely seal it inside and envelope and send it off. That being said, nowadays, it has become a whole lot easier, one can simply go to the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes website and fill out a rather simple entry form; one needs to provide their title, first and last name, address including their apartment or suite if applicable, the city, state, zip code, exact date of birth from the month, day and year, email address and to re-enter the email address to confirm. It’s vital for one to be able to accurately provide this information to make sure that the Prize Patrol will have the correct details when they deliver the prize at someone’s doorstep to any one who becomes the lucky winner of the draw.

SuperLOTTO Plus winners one year later – YouTube: If you want to learn how to win the lottery games, then let me talk about this resource. It is called the “Lotto Blackbook”. This book…

There are options on their online website, which provides one the option to be able to be informed should there be any special contests and offers as well as be notified in the event that they Win five thousand A Week For Life. Purchasing any items, services or subscriptions aren’t necessary for one to be able to join the contest; doing any of these purchases won’t help as well as it’ll not give one better chances of winning.

With so little effort as filling out a form and not having to spend anything to join, one can have the chance to get picked by the judges to get to receive 5 thousand dollars each week for the rest of their lives. The financial freedom it’ll bring the individual is impeccable as it’s absolutely not affected by any economic rise or fall.

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How do i play Super Lotto Plus in California? So i bought some tickets and some numbers, but i dont know what to do, can someone help me understand the game. This is the first time i've bought tickets.


SuperLotto Plus Lottery | Paypal SuperLotto Plus Lottery | Buy. Buy lottery tickets to the SuperLotto Plus Lottery and receive a 100% free matchup bonus. You can buy with lottery tickets to the SuperLotto Plus


- Pick up a playslip at any California Lottery retailer. – Pick 5 numbers from one to fourty-seven and a MEGA number from one to twenty-seven on the playslip or choose QuickPick and let the computer pick them for you. – SuperLotto Plus costs one dollars per play per draw. Remember, you can also select up to five additional plays on one playslip. – Hand the play slip to the retailer with your payment, and he/she’ll give you the printed ticket. – Then, on the draw date check your numbers against the winning numbers. If you match all five numbers plus the Mega Ball, then quit your job or take a long vacation. But you match only part of the numbers, you may win some change. For more instructions see For past winning numbers and analysis see


Winning numbers drawn in ‘SuperLotto Plus’ game – SFGate. Twelve hours ago (11-06) 02:46 PST SACRAMENTO, (AP) — The winning numbers in Saturday evening’s drawing of the California Lottery’s “SuperLotto Plus”


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Winning numbers drawn in ‘SuperLotto Plus’ game – San Jose. One day ago SACRAMENTOThe winning numbers in Wednesday evening s drawing of the California Lottery s “SuperLotto Plus” game were:


You pick five numbers and one mega number (the sixth number) Every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm they draw the numbers and if you have all six numbers you win the grand jackpot. You’ll get money back if you get the mega number only ( the sixth number) also if you get 3 of the 5 numbers or the mega number with one, two, three, or 5 of the first 5 numbers. You can also get a quick pick, which is the machine will pick the numbers for you. It's best to take the tickets to any lotto outlet, any store or shop that has the lotto sign in it and check your ticket to see if it’s a winner. Good luck


Super Lotto Plus ~ California Super Lotto Plus Winning Numbers. California Super Lotto Plus. Estimated Jackpot for May twenty-one eightteen dollars MILLION The only lotto number selection software that guarantees you win eight out of ten times


SuperLotto Plus Winning Numbers for Wednesday February twenty-three Released. One ticket with all 6 numbers in the Wednesday night SuperLotto Plus drawing was sold and was worth 7 million.


Latest SuperLotto Plus Lottery Results for Saturday June four 2011. The SuperLOTTO Plus jackpot starts at 7 million, and has reached a record 193 dollars million because the jackpot grows each time there is no winner.


I'd invest the money in stocks, bonds, and other assets worth investing and donate to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, the Red Cross, and animals shelters. Of course I would buy the obvious..An environmentally friendly house, drive a solar powered car, and have an organic garden full of healthy fruits and vegetables. I would educate those on environmental factors, have counseling establishments for broken families, provide non-profit animal hospitals, take care of my family, close friends, and relatives out of their financial rut. With all that wealth you’re approximating, that's what I would do. But to put it realistically, I would only know when the day comes if I won this amount of money.

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