Best Numbers to Play Megamillions?

People who play Megamillions have one question in common and that would be which the best numbers to play Megamillions are? The thing is, there isn’t a standard or a formula that one can follow in order to come to a conclusion regarding the best numbers to play Megamillions. There are, however, things that you can keep in mind when you’re in the process of picking numbers. You can consider them strategies or systems or you can think of them, simply, as tips. They may not give you a concrete answer towards the best numbers to play Megamillions, but they can help take you a step closer.

1. When choosing numbers, don’t try and form patterns. Remember to be as random as you can. Think about it, if you decide to go with a pattern such as choosing all the numbers that go a certain way, whether upwards or downwards the sheets then you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage.

2. Some people think that forming a pattern which is neither horizontal nor vertical can be considered as being random. If you decide to do this and attempt a zigzag pattern, then you’re doing it wrong. Simply put, just mark the numbers you want at random.

3. Refrain from choosing numbers that have already won. Choose your numbers carefully and wisely.

4. Never use birth dates. The thing is, if you choose numbers this way, you would never go beyond thirty-one thus putting you in another disadvantage. In fact, many people do not realize this mistake unless it’s pointed out to them, frankly.

5. Some people think repeating numbers are okay. It’sn’t and do not forget that the system only allows you to use every number once.

6. Do not use consecutive numbers. People think that picking numbers that are consecutive, such as odd or even sets have a big chance of winning. Thing is, when was the last time you saw a consecutive set of digits win the lottery? It could happen, that’s very true, but it has a higher chance of not happening at all. So why risk it, right? You’re here to win and not play.

Yet another interesting idea regarding this study. 7. Stop thinking that there are certain best numbers to play Megamillions. Thing is, if you do this, you would basically be just using this numbers every single time and could perhaps miss out on winning for the same reason. Mix it up. You can still use the numbers you think are likely to come up and then add a few random ones into the mix. Variety is better.


8. When you ask people who have won jackpots for themselves, it’s likely that they’d tell you that the numbers they chose were chosen mostly because of gut feel. A kind of intuition. You may not think much of it but this intuition could potentially win you millions. So go with what you feel and not what you believe to be the best numbers to play Megamillions. Remember, trust your gut and go with your intuition.

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