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The United States alone has all sorts of lottery organizations, especially for Statewide and the National Lottery. At the same time, other countries have their own lotteries as well. If considering what kind of lottery that involves several countries at once, then there’s the Euromillions.

Euromillions involves most of the countries under the European Union. First launched in France, Spain and the United Kingdom in 2004, it has expanded its players in Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

This Powerball-type lotto is a bit complex, which the odds on getting the jackpot (paid in Euro) are about over 70 6 million. 5 numbers from one to 50 are chosen, along with 2 extra Lucky numbers from one to nine. A total of 7 correct numbers must be chosen in order to get the winning prize.

As for the tips on winning Euromillions, it is all about comparing numbers from past draws. Considering that 2 separate sets of balls are used, the one to 9 numbers are almost easy at first.

I highly recommend you read this article with care, the challenge and the methods have various differences. The first trick for the first 5 numbers is to know how often they’re drawn. Checking on past numbers can help find a particular pattern, as sometimes the most obvious numbers often appear unlike the least obvious. Playing on its historical strength, the first set of numbers can be played. The chances of getting the same hit from past lottery numbers would be nearly at 50 percent.

POWERBALL Winner: Press Conference: 189 dollars Million Jackpot from Orlando.

The last 2 numbers may be harder, as sometimes it tends to throw out the possible gambling rhythm of the game. They may be 9 numbers, but to chose one for 2 sets wouldn’t be as easy even if done smartly. Yet the same principle is used since there are only 9 of them, and checking which number is used often is the key.

Combination plays can help often, usually by getting an odd-even set. There are uncommon occurrences when a single digit would be in play, so it falls heavily on the ‘least possible number to show up’ category. Like blackjack, an ace does not always count as an 11 if pitted with a higher card. Once choosing the odd-even combo, it must be divided, which is to play the lower and upper half.

Multiples are plain silly, especially if done something like ten, twenty, thirty, forty and 50 combinations. Not only it’ll waste 2 Euro, the chances on getting such numbers are practically less than five percent. Even the one to 5 combo is just like folding even before they made their first ante. Better to save that money for other things rather than a hit-and-miss play.

As such, playing Euromillions is a gambling skill that requires knowing history of past drawn numbers. Anything can happen especially the last 2 numbers where they’ve to go through numbers one to nine. Yet the excitement on this European-wide lottery has amassed missions of Euros that just about everyone has been buying a ticket since. Who knows, a winner may have been chosen already.

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Has their ever been multiple powerball jackpot winners before.? Were more then one person matched all five numbers and the powerba.. And if so how would they split it with the other people who won?


Does playing more Powerball tickets give you a better shot at winning the jackpot? Yes, it does, but unless you buy millions of tickets it doesn't help much. There are 195249054 possible combinations for the Powerball numbers to come out of the machine. Therefore every ticket has a one / 195249054 chance of winning the jackpot. And its chance of not winning the jackpot is 195249053 / 195249054 which has a decimal equivalent of 0.99999999487833626072267679207295928819 Now, that’s the probability that one ticket won’t win. What is the probability that 2 tickets won’t win? It’s given by multiplying the chance that ticket one fails to win and the chance that ticket 2 fails to win, or (195249053 / 195249054 )^2 . (Which is only 5.12… X 10^-9 less than chance that one ticket loses. That’s, your chance of losing has not gone doing by much at all.) it’s NOT (2/ 19549054) making your chances one in 97million or so. This is the important part. A simpler example is rolling a 6 sided die. The chance that a six will come up is 1/6 and the chance that a six won’t come up is 5/6. If you roll it twice, what is the chance that you’ll not roll a 6? It’s (5/6)^2 or 25/36. The chance that you roll at least one six is 11/36. Just under 1/3 (12/36) (which is what most people might assume at first.) Using a smaller example with coins or dice can help one reason about the lottery.


Powerball Odds. If the preceding Powerball game had no Jackpot winner, multiply the dollar increase in the Jackpot from the preceding game to the current game by 3.


Yes it does. The more you buy, the better chance that you have. The chances of winning are still very, very, slim though. There was a company that bought every combination of tickets which took a small army of people mobilized throughout one state. They had one huge problem; at some of the places where they were supposed to buy tickets, the machines broke down. They ended up with 90% of the combinations and did get the winning ticket. Just think what would have happened if the 10% of tickets they missed was the Winner ?


Um…the problem is the above person sees corruption where there isnt any. All the winners listed are known and can be researched.. In the case of winning a powerball, you win the whole amt only if annuity. Otherwise its common sense financials to get about half if lumpsum. Report Abuse

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